What I Ask?

The skies don’t fear how high the alps rise
The shore remains calm at the highest of tides
The mountains stay stiff even when Aeolus is wrathed
The Horizon does not care how far the ships sail

The twinkling stars are nothing but ornaments of the night sky
The rivers but tears of watersheds
The thunder, an applause for the lighting show
And storms are just winds with a strong blow

All that glisters is not gold
Diamonds don’t sparkle in the dark
And not everything or everyone matters in this jaunt of life (just like stars, rivers, thunder, storms)
But dealing with them is what I ask.


A Teen’s Mind

Thousands of thoughts, even fewer to feed
Tangled inside the body of a teen
Struggling to stream like a roved rivulet
But bursting bubbles of ideas restrict them from digging deep.
From listening lullabies and peaceful sleeps
To smoking cigarettes and worrisome weeps
Picture perfect life to delayed dreams
Where warmth was now lies sad screams


Solitude| Poetry

Photo by NO NAME on Pexels.com

Cornered by light I sink in my room
Biding for dusk and stars to bloom
Stancing as the blue relinquishes from red
My eyes dilate to get the night view.

The starlings murmuring their way home
Ensnare the obscure visions
The Sun enshrouding from the alps
And crickets’ chirping lighten the panorama from within.

The world becomes still with alterations
Ears could see and eyes hear
All that lies beyond
This heavenly atmosphere.

Everything fades into nothingness
As the stars grow clear to foretell
All of this weren’t even true
But a mind’s fantasy in solitude.